Saturday, April 08, 2006

More waffle about my cat.

She's sitting on the arm of my chair (I have adamantly refused to let my mother throw away my great grandmothers favorite armchair, its now in my room pretending to be a computer chair) But yeah, she's sitting there, and I'm sure she's trying to will me to do something, but she has the very tippy bit of her tongue sticking out of her mouth, and it just undermines her tough guy routine.

Ok, she just moved, she attempted to convince me that theres enough room for her to sit on my knee in betweeen the keyboard my arms and the hot water bottle (yup, i'm ill again, I hate children) Unfortunetly it involved shoving her ass in my face, so now she's sitting on the bed giving me the evils.

Still has her tongue out, I can't take her threats seriously.

Had to include this link, Everyone on the net knows about it all ready i'm sure, but I didn't and I wants to go back again and again. Tis funny.


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