Saturday, April 15, 2006

Great new song.

Absolutely love it, 'Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.

Just a great tune.

Well, I havn't written anything for a while, mainly cause I decided i wasn't going to write any more about my cat or being ill. And they were the two main happenings of the week, I got ill, and put the cat on a diet.

First day back into work, had a terrible case of verbal diorrhea (sp?) -I'd been in the house on my own, the only company being the cat that was plotting my unspeakable painful demise. Unable to sleep, eat or sing properly (aw hell, icouldn't sing anyway) My main solace was t.v., or rather, t.v. box sets. I managed Spaced, season 1&2 of Carnival, same of Lost, Firefly again and edited highlights of Wonderfalls. I think I saw more episode of scrubs than was strictly healthy, and re-aquainted myself with M*A*S*H.

So back in work, can you blame me for being a total motor mouth? Though I did have one very nice chat with one girl who'd seen as much of Lost as I had, comparing Jack and Sawyer, and the whole race to get into Kates knickers, how cool Echo was and how you really didn't expect him to be a *spoiler* and the absolute kicker that came at the end of Ana Lucias episode, and what Sayid is going to do now that Shannon *spoiler* -Thats always the way with t.v., you pour your heart out, declare your love for someone, and *spoiler*spoiler*spoiler*


Ah well.

It times like lunch today when I reading out quotes from SFX and getting rows of stony blank looks back that I really miss the guys.


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