Thursday, March 16, 2006

Talking of that attendant

The one with the crazy Oversoul idea (though I have to admit it was me who cam up with the term 'oversoul')

Great bloke, drinks far too much, faaar to much, but when have I held that against any one (cough, splutter) ok, when have I held that against anyone I'm not sleeping with. Anyway, great bloke, very funny, always willing to fill up quiet hours with a spot of juggling, and that random voices and spontaneous silly walks always amuse one. He's a fellow 'I have a degree in art fer fecks sake! What in the name of all the sheep in hell am I doing here?!' graduate. We seemed to get on well. Which is why every bloody other attendant is convinced that I fancy him.

gargh! Notice how he doesn't fancy me? No I'm the tubby single chick so I have to fancy him, the skinny trendy one (really, he so trendy its painful to see) (sometimes, when he's talking about the trials of finding skinny-fit jeans tight enough, literally so, and I don't have a set)

Anyway. The pertinent fact in all this, is that he has a girlfriend (according to the grape-vine) so if she ever comes in and hears the gossip going around, If she at all the jealous type, guess who's in trouble.


Little old me, and to quote the saying, I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag, verbally or conventionally. so if she really protective. Oh hell.
Yeah, you see, the paranoia (and the evidence of way too much thinking time on my hands) is there. But also remember, I live in Liverpool. Women here are tough.

One thing that did make me laugh, when she was telling me 'that my feller was heading this way'(seconds after trying to set me up with another attendant - her: 'he's a lovely boy, bit strange like...' me: 'he's a prick') she compared him to Brad Pitt. I made a very indelicate sound. And laughed, couldn't stop, not even when waving hello. So coupled with the studious bouts of ignoring him (for when the beady eyed bastards are watching) the poor boy will be getting very confused.

How'd the song go? 'another one bites the dust?'

Is it any wonder I have a limited (non-computery) friend pool? I'm socially inept and surrounded by idiots. Gargh.


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