Friday, March 24, 2006

Practicing our yucky faces.

My niece has relapsed, another trip up to the hospital, they are talking about grommets and alsorts. But small-family-syndrome hit again, and despite my sisters (wise) instincts, I was minding the poor dear this morning. So we spent quite alot of it curled up under my lovely beadspread (despite the fact that she's been puking, how good am I?) on the sofa watching Cbeebies.
She's not happy with her medicine, and started crying when we tried to give it too her. I can't understand it, the medicine tastes like pepermint creams. As far as yacky (or rather 'nacky') medicines go, it quite nice. So the trade off was this, i'd have a little bit, and she could laugh at my nacky face all she liked, on the condition that she took the medicine and tried to best it.

I am such a good actress, if I do say so myself. Had her giggling her way through taking it, which just goes to show that its not actually anything to do with taste buds. The good news I suppose is that she takes her 'teddybear' medicine, the paracetamol to lower her temperature, with no problem. Cause that one make both me and my sister want to hurl from the smell alone.

A well. We made a fine pair of book ends, coughing in stereo, but apart from her being all ill and wan, it was great to have the chance to hang out with her. Even if I have been tickled more in one morning than I'd want to in a whole life time.

so, as I know my sister means to, but will never get round to it, a list of all the words she get wrong, A, cause its so damn sweet, and b, cause theres still endless teasing milage in her mums 'national quicklium' (curriculum)

nellyphant - obvious, like wise nellyplane, unicorn for uniform, nacky for ucky, wing wing and fly-angle for penguin and flamingo.

more as they occure of i'm reminded of them.

I sorted my three favorite peoples music into their own lists, my favorites for each one. Currently listening to the Tori Amos list. God I love that music, and never realised how much of it was based on a waltz. I really want to learn to waltz, not the slow rubbishy one that they teach in old folks clubs, but the fast paced one where you swirl around the room so quick, it feels like your head is going to fly off. That sound exilhirating.


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