Friday, March 17, 2006

Poor little mite.

I'm currently at my sisters house. My neice is ill, poor little mite, and my sister got ill last night and wasn't able to get up at all today, so my mothers been here all day, so to give her a break to go and see her boyfriend, I came up to put the neice to bed and stay until she's settled down for the night. So i'm here, the sound of the typeing has got the budgie all excited, and hes head-butting his toys and bells in response. Insane bird. He's like commando budgie, doing all these impossible stunts around his cage, and regularly hanging upside down from his perch. I could wind him up, all you have to do is make kissie sounds at him and he start shreiking and trilling away. But he's bloody loud and once he starts he doesn't stop until you threaten his life or he falls asleep.

Anyway, niece. She's perfect, pink little cheeks and cherubic air. But it occured to me the only time I ever see her asleep is when she's ill. I read her her stories, she negotiates stories like a pro, and left her with snow bear. She'd been asleep most of the evening, so she woke up het up and grouchy, but when I left she was happy enough, which is a miracle, normally I just make small children cry.

He savaging his cuttlefish now. Vicious beastie.

I leant my boxset of Firefly out! Arrrgh! Its been over a week now, and I have season one and two of Carnivale to go through, which is great, but I still need to see Firefly, every so often, ok, every few minutes, something happens and I get all wanting to watch this or that episode and I can't!

Thats obsession for you I suppose. T.V. is actually quite good at the moment. Bones, flawed but thoroughly enjoyable is on, sadly the same day as My name is Earl, but there are repeats. I'm trying to get into that Rescue me, but missed most of the first season. And they are repeating Due South and Scrubs everyday. I'm in heaven. But still, theres a Firefly shaped hole in my viewing habits.


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