Monday, March 06, 2006

oh, how long has it been?

yeah, this is kind of what I expected. But never mind.

I suppose the best news, personally, is that thursday I went to see some people who make, well they run a Samba School, from what I gather, and the woman, makes the costumes. Their house is incredible, I mean they have a beautiful house to start with, a big huge old victorian house that hasn't been messed with by friggin property developers, but in every room theres a new delight - a work room full to the brim with masks and head dresses and feathers and reels of sequins and beads, a billiard table sharing space with a gieant witch, an huge devil and the leg of an enourmous gold dragon (the rest of which is apparently in the garden.

And then theres the actuall costume storeroom.

They are incredibly passionate about Rio and the carnivale's, showing me a book of one they attended (they fly out their every year they can) and host their own as regularlyas possible, when I went they were working on a spider inspired costume for a charity ball they are hosting at a local nightclub. Beautiful great think on black and deep red with feathers and all sorts.

From what I can see the construction of the costumes is very rought and ready - adapting existing clothing, using glue as opposed to sewing, but the results are almost instantaneous and spectacular.

I think I could be very happy doing that, I just hope they need me to help out.

They gave me an invite to te ball, so I used it as an excuse to buy a new dress. It kind of chinese, I love it, I just can't decide weather the fact thats its a conflicting 'theme' is a good or bad thing, oh, wardrobe worries!


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