Friday, March 24, 2006

Not that much of a shame...

(after Serenitys comment on the last post)

I'm sure it would have been absolutly great for someone else to be captured bound and subjected to an episode of Firefly, munchies and slightly subversive but probably highly energetic shenaigans (despite what he thought he was doing with that blade (!)) however fictional they may have been.
The thing i've been trying to get across in all my Tree posts is that I hate emotional scenes - sex scenes, anything like that. Forced to watch them on tv I start commenting on the drapes, wallpaper, even the damn lighting arrangements. I scan and skip in books, and often even fast forward when people get overly personal in songs. Its an issue, but... we're all allowed our little malfunctions. Arn't we?
So when required to write them (which I would have been, should I have stayed in there, or should I turn round and fall into 'Jadehands' arms like a wilting flower) I panic. I can barely read some of the more romantic posts, so writing them? Its just impossible! (with the exception of Soul proposing - that was so damn sweet it even melted my little icicle heart.)
Its like poetry, I get actual allergic reactions, hot flushes, rashes and crap. Even writing a rejection scene is far to much for me, hence the plea at the end of the last one that we now get all stoic and just stop talking about it.
I can deal with undertones, and love some good old antagonism, but emotion crap and 'angst' I just hate. But hey, luuurve trouble out the way, the soppier bits of the whole 'back story' dealt with, I can get on with the light asides about food cravings and knitting.

In the thread...
I think the peanut butter came about cause its just the one substance in the world that is almost impossible to get oof, it sticks, it stick like sin for all your efforts to remove. Even when you wash your hands it leave a residue. So it was the most tortuous foodstuff I could think of. It also allowed me to get in the muppet quote.

and the going through the plot points of the last few weeks seemed like the best way at the time of explaining exactly why she wouldn't be in the mood for recreation.
And then Jade comes in and suddenly i'm maiming people with screwdrivers. I have to adit I throw things, but inever aim to hit! Ah well, little bit of melodrama, can't wait for the pagent to start, or the wedding.

Would you like your dress making for you? Go totally to town, i'm planning on just stealing what ever fabric we require from Garrison.
And back into real life...

I started the writing thing, what I was road testing in the thread, I don't think i'll ever be brave enough to put it up on the site, but it may be a good place to start forcing my self to deal with all this kinda stuff, and yet practice keeping it away from becoming a second rate Eastenders script.


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