Monday, March 06, 2006

Birthday cakes.

Yesterday was an exercise in curbing the perfectionism.

It being my mothers birthday, we made (well be bought the pre mix packet) a wheat -free chocolate cake mix (two infact) and with chocolate fudge icing made a layer sponge cake. I turned out beautifully, there was even enough choco-fudge icing left for my sister to sate herself with.

I made a perfect purple icing to cover it (purple being my mothers favorite colour) and all went well until we started to roll it out. There wasnt quite enough, I had to roll it thin, and of course, it split. Then having choclate-fudge icing underneath, we couldn't peel it off and start again. Crappit!

After several panic attacks I finally got it all covered having chopped off the excess then used the rest to make bands to go around the sides. Of course, I couldn't use jam or anything to hold the sides together, so I used water. Twenty minutes before she was due to get back I had the hairdryer on it trying to get the water dry. Eventually I just ran to the shop and bought a load of icing sugar and sprinkled it over the top to cover the mess.

In the end it looked ok, My niece made a butterfly shape (i'm told it was a butterfly) and we put a little purple hippo in the middle (hippa-fly) then decorated the outside with sweets (mini eggs) and covered it over with sparkler candles. It looked ok, but best of all it tasted great.


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