Sunday, February 12, 2006

Grrrr Arrgh.


Just got out of a cold and straight into knockout stomach cramps. Yey life.

Still haven't managed to brave the great outside to go get my plane ticket. Fingers crossed, any deities at all need to make up their good deed quota well, i'm here, its only cash, but the less i spend on tickets, them more I can give back to the little brother, who despite his repeated assurances, left himself short. I do love him. He's a pain in the ass for making me feel guilty, but great for helping me out in the first place.

I'm all alone in the house, 'cept for the cat, who is now so fast asleep if she relaxes anymore she's going to fall off my bed. She started being real sweet lately, spending all her time in my room, which for a long time was a place she just refused to go (possibly cause I had my sisters rats in there for a while) but now she's always curled up on my bed, purring her little head off.

I kinda worry about her, we reckon she had a stroke not so long ago, one of her eyes stopped working so well for a little while, the iris didn't open and close as quickly as the other one did and a few other things. But then she just recovered, and she's back as she ever was, just a little more forgetful, which is why I know this cute little bundle on the end of the bed thing isn't going to last very long. She chooses a sleeping place, then kind of forgets that the previous ones exist. BVut i'm enjoying the closeness for now. I can't sit down at my computer with out her appearing sooner or later . Though she has got the message that sittin on the keyboard is not going to win her any prizes.

She's beginning to take on the that scruffy dishrag appearence that old cats get, like they've been rung out and left to air dry. And the smell. Yikes. But still, she loveliness personified. Or cattified. I'll miss her when she's gone. Even when the new one moves in with me.

See I have this thing with cats. Even though I would describe myself as a dog person, I always have a cat. And I've never gone out a bought one in my life. Sooner or later where ever I live there will be a cat. They just turn up and move in with me, of course, I'm stupid enough to feed them, and de-flea them, so they end up sticking around. Fey moved in when I was about sixteen or seventeen, when I was in college and she wasn't with me there were about three other cats, the most memorable being Sutz, a very egyptian looking one who had a miow like a fog horn. The last lot were there when I moved in, the owner of the lodging being a huge animal lover, she had four, great little things.

But there you go, (all most) totally against my will, I'm a cat person.

I'm off to go watch the smelly one sleep. And bemoan my innards. I'm craving spring rolls.


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