Thursday, February 09, 2006

Darn Germs!

I have a cold, I don't like colds. And I can't believe its kept me off work. I've never been off for just a cold before. Well, suppose its a cough as well. But still.

I suppose the silver lining is that its given me a chance to really crack on to searching for a cheaper flight to Atlanta. Yey! searching for a ticket is actually a reality.

Let me say here and now that I love my little brother, he's lent me the money to buy the ticket now as opposes to in four months time when it will cost a hell of a lot more. So scooting round all the price comparison sites, following link after link after link (i've been at this for about two weeks now) The consensus seems to be that its about £430-40. Which is just a little more than i've got. So as soon as I feel up to braving the outside (two things that are triggering my cough, opening my mouth and breathing cold air, its not good) I'm going to see if I can brazen my way through going to a high street travel agent and seeing if they can beat £400. I wonder if they would still be willing to go lower if they new I could pay for it in cash all in one go? Or is that something that went out with horse drawn milk floats?

Still, worth a try, and its not like i'll be going back there any time if they laugh in my face.

So, once the flight is paid for I owe for my share of the hotel, which, thank fully, yey, someone is helping me with in return for my making the corset. And if I have enough bones left, thats another corset (should it still be wanted) so that helps. My ticket is paid for thanks to the afomentioned wonderful person, and then its local travel, food, and well, I gottta get at least one autograph I suppose.

I was considering taking along my Serenity Visual Companion. Its a great book, loads of very pretty pictures, I figured I could get them (who ever turns up) to sign their pictures. So its all in one place, nice and neat, and one day I could hand I to my sister grandkids (still not convinced that my own are a good idea) and say 'yes, your great Aunt was once a nerd, and proud, and in her many stalk... travels with intent, she collected these...

I can imagine the surprise on their faces on seeing the shirtless pic of Mal in there 'oh my god, is that that wrinkly guy from the movies you always drool over?' 'I do not drool over him, i'm old, the drooling just... happens' 'well, we concede, he was hot when he was younger' 'thank you, glad to see that school hasn't sucked all of the sense out of you...'

Ok, so I suppose i'm practical enough to concede that it may not be possible to convince my nieces kids, whenever they should arrive after the next two decades (please god!) to watch a show set in space featuring a cast that doesn't include a single teenager. But I'm hoping that good taste wins out.

Talking about very pretty pictures, there was one great illustration of a proposed design for Inara, like a sea grean dress based on a sari drape, with a sheer vest over it, and a head scarf.
I thought about making it up, as a costume (no don't get me wrong, I can't get along with the idea of getting dressed up as one of the cast, no idea why, just can't but I have no issues with wearing something generic, like generic browncoat, or companion. And I'm a trained costume maker, three years of a degree and nowt to do with it, and I have a design in front of me, a bolt of slightly sheer sea-green silk available, and knowledge of the whereabouts of some burgundy brocade trim a place to go where not only is dressing up accepted but enouraged and, well, no power to resist anything. So I think sea-green sari dress it is.

I wonder if the crew ever turn up at these things, along with those cast signatures I'd love to get the designers.
I suppose on a meeting with Shawna Tropic (the head of wardrobe) though, all thoughts of autographs would go out of the window and the campaigning for a job would start. I love her style of working, its so organic, and she appears to have something of a magpie nature, she just combines everything perfectly and gives it a freshness, instead of just an air of 'cobbled'. I know i'm only going on the work i've seen in Firefly, but it gives enough of an idea to make me know that I'd love to work with her. Oh, plus, she'd probably get first refusal should they re-instate the show, so...

So, this posting made possible by nightnurse, I'm off to sleep the drugs off.


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