Monday, January 30, 2006

Riot Act

My standard pattern of music consumption is definetly one of feast and famine. I'll buy a new album (always albums, was never into singles, to my regret -B sides, all that salty goodness and I missed it) And I will listen to it repeatedly, over and over again, until I know every word, every beat, every little indrawn breath and random plink of the strings. Then I'll stop, I'll add a few select songs to regular playlists, but listening to the album as awhole seems to cease. Then a while later, could be months, could be years, i'll get a hankering to listen to the whole thing. And so begins the obsession again.

So the album in question is Pearl Jams Riot Act. I don't think i've loved an album of theirs quite so much, not since Ten. So I expect not to be listening to much else for a little while.

As I type im liberally coating my keyboard with glitter, I feel like a shiny little fairy, shedding dust. 'cept i'm considerably taller and not quite so shiny.
I do have a reason for being covered in glitter, I haven't just sprinkled myself with it for the joy of it (though I have to admit i've done that before) I've been invited to a Masquerade for a friends birthday party, I did have plans to make my own venetian style mask, but that went awry, to say the least. So a cute little butterfly shaped mask was purchased and i'm in the process of applying bands of glitter in varying shades of blue and silver. I shall have to remember to post a few little pictures of it once its cooked, keep a little record of it.

I ordered bones about a week ago, to get started on a pair (or three) of corsets. I'm beginning to think they've been stranded in customs, if everything had gone well they would be here by now, but patience is a virtue. Not that i've ever striven to be particularly virtuous.
At the same time I ordered some tools for cutting and finishing the corset and the boning. A pair of aviation snips. they are vicious little devils, the kind of thing that Niska from Firefly would keep as a pet and probably name Emily, and some punches and eyelel pliers. I'd like to see them get through customs.... but thankfully they're only coming from Surrey. Good old ebay.


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