Monday, January 30, 2006

Riot Act

My standard pattern of music consumption is definetly one of feast and famine. I'll buy a new album (always albums, was never into singles, to my regret -B sides, all that salty goodness and I missed it) And I will listen to it repeatedly, over and over again, until I know every word, every beat, every little indrawn breath and random plink of the strings. Then I'll stop, I'll add a few select songs to regular playlists, but listening to the album as awhole seems to cease. Then a while later, could be months, could be years, i'll get a hankering to listen to the whole thing. And so begins the obsession again.

So the album in question is Pearl Jams Riot Act. I don't think i've loved an album of theirs quite so much, not since Ten. So I expect not to be listening to much else for a little while.

As I type im liberally coating my keyboard with glitter, I feel like a shiny little fairy, shedding dust. 'cept i'm considerably taller and not quite so shiny.
I do have a reason for being covered in glitter, I haven't just sprinkled myself with it for the joy of it (though I have to admit i've done that before) I've been invited to a Masquerade for a friends birthday party, I did have plans to make my own venetian style mask, but that went awry, to say the least. So a cute little butterfly shaped mask was purchased and i'm in the process of applying bands of glitter in varying shades of blue and silver. I shall have to remember to post a few little pictures of it once its cooked, keep a little record of it.

I ordered bones about a week ago, to get started on a pair (or three) of corsets. I'm beginning to think they've been stranded in customs, if everything had gone well they would be here by now, but patience is a virtue. Not that i've ever striven to be particularly virtuous.
At the same time I ordered some tools for cutting and finishing the corset and the boning. A pair of aviation snips. they are vicious little devils, the kind of thing that Niska from Firefly would keep as a pet and probably name Emily, and some punches and eyelel pliers. I'd like to see them get through customs.... but thankfully they're only coming from Surrey. Good old ebay.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

ahh, the first time...

whooooooo... rush of blood to the brainpan. This is the bit where every thought you ever had leaves you, stranded and bereft, keyboard at your fingertip and curser flashing away on screen.

Prior to the signing up, thoughs of how delightfull it would be to keep a record of your own little self, as you are, and will soon once have been, skip gaily acrross the mind. A permanent little record tucked away in a corner of space, of every random though, fleeting experienc and flash of inspiration.

And then you get here and... nothing.

Ah well, until one of those ideas hits me (I suppose I must admit sometime that I subscribe to the Pratchettian idea that there are no actual new Ideas, only the same ones endlessly circling the globe, randomly impacting with people, some times two people at once - how else can we explain Troy and Alexander, Deep Impact and Armageddon?) Here are a few tidbits to eventually look back on and think 'why did I ever think that was cool?'

First up, an undying love Tori Amos, I'm listening to my 'songs not heard recently' playlist, and wondering how I could neglect this song for so long -

And if I die today I'll be the happy phantom
And I'll go chasein' the nuns out in the yard
And I'll run naked through the streets without my mask on
And I will never need umbrellas in the rain
I'll wake up in strawberry fields every day...

Nun chasing and strawberries, hm, could be an option...

A website that I never want to forget, as it contains a jewel of a song -

and my most memorable thought of the day - That guy who used to play Benton in due south was hot...